Commercial Disinfection

Like mold, warm and moist environments (like bathrooms, gyms, daycare facilities, retirement homes and schools) are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Skin infections, strep, staph and influenzas are easily communicated by coming in contact with infected surfaces and equipment. In the healthcare and restaurant industries, constant strides are made against disinfection, though infection rates still seem to be on the rise. This is why disinfection actions are necessary.

Do you own or operate one of the following facilities?
  • Elderly Care Facilities
  • Day Care Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Professional Office Buildings
  • Gyms & Locker Rooms
  • High School Facilities
  • Ambulances, Police Cars, Gymnasiums
All of the above businesses could benefit from a scheduled fogging program. Conventional disinfection methods generally revolve around wiping & spraying protocols. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, rigorous controls and diligent efforts, these methods are not completely effective. Spraying and wiping protocols inherently suffer from:
  • Long disinfection times
  • Poor coverage (the cross-contamination of infectious organisms to other surfaces happens even with the best wiping routines
  • no residual effectiveness (most disinfectants provide no residual or long-term protection
How does our process work?
Step 1: Disinfect the Carrier

Our first product kills all bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that are trying to cause you harm.

Step 2: Apply the Barrier

After our rigorous disinfection provides surfaces that are clean and free from infectious microorganisms, we apply an antimicrobial coating.

Our second product lays down a protective barrier that is EPA-approved for 90 days of residual protection.

Our Dry Fog is EPA Approved to kill bacteria and viruses in situations such as the following:
  • MRSA linked to wrestling room mats, locker rooms, and training rooms
  • Salmonella and e-coli in restaurants
  • Sanitizing ambulances
  • Day Care Centers’ toy sharing
  • Odor removal in elderly care facilities
  • Bacteria-ridden standing water in public swimming pools

If your facility is closely related to any of the above examples, give us a call to see how we can help.

We realize that different organizations are going to need different technical documents. Please contact us and we will be glad to get whatever is needed.