Q: How long does the Dry Fog process take?

A: It all depends on the size of the job. A typical 2000 square foot space take about 3 hours to fog and about an hour to air out for a total of approximately 4 hours.

Q: How do I know the Dry Fog worked for my mold remediation?

A: Our Dry Fog method is 50% of the time and cost of traditional methods.  Additionally, we include free air samples that we send to AIHA-accredited lab before and after remediation with purchase of our mold remediation services.

Q: What do I need to do before you come?

A: If we are coming for mold remediation, the source of water that started the mold problem needs to be fixed. It doesn’t make sense to kill the mold if the source isn’t fixed first.

A: If we are coming for disinfection, lay out any toys in toy boxes so they get the the full benefit from PURE FOG.

Q: What about my pets, can they stay in the house while you fog?

A: We fog one room at a time. Pets can’t be in the room while we fog. But once we are done and  the room is aired out they can return to that room. If we do the whole house, it is possible to move from room to room, but we suggest taking your pets somewhere else.

Q: What about my furniture and electronics?

A: Furniture and electronics are safe to stay put. Our Dry Fog technology doesn’t get anything wet, and the chemicals we use will not damage furniture, electronics, paint, or porous surfaces.

Q: Is it harmful to adults, children, or babies?

A: It is not dangerous to people of any age. The solutions that we use are EPA Approved as safe for any age.

Q: Will it take the appearance of mold away?

A: Unfortunately, our product alone cannot take the appearance of mold away. Our independent lab will verify that the mold has been killed, but the appearance will still be there. Fortunately, because of our license, we can also perform traditional remediation methods to remedy the appearance while keeping cost at a minimum.