Mold is literally everywhere.

Mold and fungi reproduce by releasing and sending out thousands of colonizing spores. As such, mold spores can be found almost anywhere, even in the cleanest and best-maintained houses and offices. While mold is not inherently ‘bad’, when it comes in contact with moisture, mold colonies grow, mature & reproduce–producing an unsightly look as well as promote serious health concerns and possibly serious long-term structural damage. 

Wet Fog

 wet fog mold-remediation

Dry Fog 1

dry fog mold removal

Dry Fog 2

dry fog mold-remediation
This is when remediation action is necessary!
  • Cases of mold, stachybotrys (black mold), and mildew are often associated with water problems and flooded areas throughout the country.
  • Mold can potentially become a health issue that your family may deal with for years to come, often creating life-changing action including moving out of your home permanently.
  • It is recommended that you not touch mold, until you understand the root of the problem, and understand how to keep it completely contained. 

Once it is spread, you have created an even larger problem in your home or office. Traditional methods include dry ice blasting and Biocide killing plus scraping. These labor-intensive treatments usually take two days–even for a small job.

fungi removal

Our method saves you more than 50% of the cost over traditional mold remediation methods.

  • Our Dry Fog method takes less than a single day to fog, sample and get lab results back–meaning you can get on with your life.
  • We first identify that the unwanted water problem is solved, then we fog. This kills the mold, so the threat of spreading is no longer present.*
  • We have methods that will fog an entire house or office, and even inside the walls if necessary. Give us a call for a free estimate.

* With purchase of our mold remediation services, we include two swab or air sample tests that we send to AIHA-accredited lab before and after remediation for testing.
* In some cases, tear-out and removal will be needed.

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